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"The Mission of the Anderson Family is to become and do all things necessary to be exalted as a family. To prepare for heaven, we will create a 'heaven on earth' by maintaining: A home where the spirit dwells, a home of LOVE, a home of FAITH, a home of ORDER, a home of LEARNING, a home of HEALTH, a home of WORK, and a home of PLAY-- where we are united in our obedience to God and enjoy true happiness."

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pioneer Trek

This summer we got to go on pioneer trek.
It was an A+ experience- spiritual, meaningful, fun.
The leaders organized it so well and everyone consecrated their talents.
I was in charge of the music, activities, and delegating the teaching of the stories.

One thing we did was make Ash Cakes:ash cake recipe
This is a pioneer food I loved when I went on trek as a youth.
You mix up the dough, then make patties, then place them on hot coals
Cook (5 min on each side), then serve with honey.
(Modern days= you cook it in the oven for 10 min, flip, 5 more minutes)

Makes 32  
8 c. flour       
4 t. salt   
4 T. baking powder
1/2 c. oil or butter
2 c. water (+1/2c if using butter)

-Annie I Over
-Don't Touch the Bucket
-Flour Sack Relay Race (Youth)
-3 Legged Race (Ma's & Pa's)

DANCES:   This is an awesome website: geslisongroberg
1. Virginia Reel
2. Heel Toe (Cotton Eye Joe)
3. O Susanna
4. O Johnny O
5. The Handcart Song
6. Cumberland Squares
8. Zipper
9. Highland Fling (to Bagpipes)

Fireside Week Before: "Come Take Your Place" by Hilary Weeks
1st Morning Devotional: "I am a child of God"
6th Crossing/Eminence: "The Spirit of God"
Levi Savage Presentation: "I'll Go Where you want me to Go"
Campfire: "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus"
Jens & Elsie reenactment: "Sweet Hour of Prayer/Ask in Faith"
Women's Pull: "As Sisters in Zion"
Ephraim Hanks: "I feel my Savior's Love"  
Fireside: "Come Come ye Saints" (harmonica) + "I feel my Savior's Love" solo
River crossing: "Come Come Ye Saints (violin)
Rescue Bridge: "As Zion's Youth" 
Rescue Statues: "'We'll Bring the World His Truth/As Sisters in Zion"
Martin's Cove: Harmonica before devotional;  Violin playing on hill as enter cove walk
Veil Crossing Bridge: "Love one Another"
Dan Jones: "God Be with you" (harmonica)
Fireside: "As Zion's Youth" (guitar)
Rock Creek Hollow: "Praise to the Man" + "Amazing Grace"



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